Just For Me

Just For Me Conditioning Detangler, 8 fl oz


Just For Me Detangler with soya milk and honey is a protecting leave-in formula that makes wet or dry hair easier to comb and more manageable. It instantly tames even the tightest textures helping to prevent damage and breakage. Ideal for tight, curly, or wavy textures, Just For Me Hair Milk is available in a range of gentle products designed to help keep your child's hair healthy-looking and manageable.

1. Nourishes, smoothes and softens.
2. Detangles
3. Conditions hair
4. Adds moisture

Shake well. Spray Just For Me leave-in detangler directly into wet or dry tangled hair. Allow formula to soften hair. Then, comb out starting from the ends to the roots. Do not rinse out.

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