Bio Balance

Bio Balance Dermasebum Purifying Skin Care Cream

The Biobalance Dermasebu Series utilizes effective active ingredients and was developed using expertise gained from 30 years of pharmacy experience. When used regularly, Dermasebum Cream offers visible results against oily and blemish-prone skin.

A Daily Care Regimen against Oily Skin Problems: DERMASEBUM™

Vitamin B3 to control the build-up of excess sebum. Evens out spotty, red skin tone.

Zinc Gluconate to fight enlarged pores, blackheads, and shine. It purifies the skin and discourages the production of excess sebum.

Five-Plant Extract: Blueberries, sugar cane, white birch, lemon and orange extract, rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), accelerate the skin's natural renewal process. The natural AHAs contained in these ingredients help remove dead tissue from the skin, creating an even, smooth appearance.

Allantoin Panthenol and Vitamin E: Powerfully moisturize the skin, strengthening its natural barrier and increasing its capacity to retain moisture.

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