Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Soap 133g

  • Nurtures for a healthy skin
  • Removes dirt and impurity
  • Clinically Tested
This Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Soap, makes dry skin a thing of the past. This richly lathering soap thoroughly softens and moisturizes. It is the ultimate cure for epidermal roughness. This pure cocoa butter soap is enriched with vitamin E, which enables the skin to absorb moisture from the outside in. It is creamy and can help improve the user's overall appearance. Increase the smoothness and evenness on different areas of your skin. This body wash is intended for daily use and will assist in keeping the epidermis hydrated and comfortably flexible. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Soap: Softens different types of skin Enriched with pure cocoa butter and vitamin E Comfortable and moisturized sensation This Palmer's cocoa butter soap is for daily use.

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