HT26 - Action-taches Intensive Concentrated Cream


The Intensive Concentrated Cream Action-Taches has been specifically designed for black and mixed skins, with dark stains on the face. This cream has been made with active plant ingredients that will repair damaged skins. Its rich and smooth texture makes this cream the perfect night cream. 


  1. Your skin is softer and more luminous in the first week of use.  
  2. After a few weeks, the darkest areas will be clarified and unified. 
  3. Your complexion will be more homogenous with less imperfections. 

Active ingredients:

The Intensive Concentrated Cream Action-Taches contains:

  • Carott oil: Rich in vitamin A, carott oil is traditionally used by African women to keep a luminous and unified complexion. 
  • Lavender oil: This oil has purifying and healing properties. Ideal to fight against the imperfections of the oily skin, its soothing action is suitable for most damaged skin.
  • Rosemary oil: Known for its repairing properties.

Usage tips:

Apply the Intensive Concentrated Cream Action-Taches on your face at night in circular massage. Emphasise on the darkest areas. Avoid the eye contour. 

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