Lemon Glow ( Body Lotion, Serum And Soap ) 3-pc Set


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The Lemon Glow Ultimate Lightening Beauty Milk is a refreshing body lotion for noticeably lighter skin. This lotion is formulated with Lemon Peel extract and is ideal for acne-prone skin to clear up the skin while lightening (this is a semi-aggressive lightening treatment). Use on entire body morning or night for best results, avoiding the face.

  1. Ultimate Lightening Beauty MILK with Lemon Peel (16.8 Fl.Oz) 
  2. Ultimate Lightening SERUM with Lemon Peel (1.66 Fl.Oz) 
  3.  Exfoliating Purifying Lightening SOAP with Lemon Peel (7.Oz) 

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