Q7 Paris

Q7 Paris Renue Essence (Anti-Dark-Spot Serum) With Vitamin B3 (30ml)

Thanks to dedicated in-depth research work married to latest technological advancement in skincare product development, the Q7Paris Renue Essence Serum is Specifically formulated to target Dark spots, Brown spots, scars, sunburn and other stubborn skin discolourations. 
Using proven, effective, and yet skin-friendly active ingredients, this serum will help improve the appearance of the afore-mentioned with a safe non-harsh approach. 
In addition, the formulation is meticulously fortified with carefully selected ingredients, including skin lighteners and vitamins at balanced proportions, to help reduce the signs of ageing or stressed skin. 
This serum will help get rid of blemishes that comes with age, childbirth, scars, hyperpigmentation etc and Renue the skin to its formal glory. 
How to use: Apply a few drops of the Q7Paris Renue Essence Anti-Dark-Spot Serum on the discoloured area of your skin and, using your finger tips, gently massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Apply twice daily for 4-8 weeks until desired result is achieved, then, continue use on trouble areas as required. 

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