Abebi White

Abebi White End of discussion Kojic Quick Bleaching Action 4pc Sets



Abebi White VIP End OF Discussion Kojic Quick Bleaching Action Gel is a most sought after premium products specially formulated to give you an excellent glow and fight against stubborn freckles, sunspots, hyper pigmentation.... e.t.c 

Key Benefits.
* The lotion Reduces visible sun damage.
* it Reduces age spots or scars
* The Kojic acid has microbial properties which allows it to treat acne and acne scars.
* The Gel Brightens the skin very quickly.



ABEBI WHITE KOJIC End Of Discussion Kojic Quick Bleacher Soap is an exfoliating beauty soap which gently purifies the skin. It's innovative formula gives your skin the perfect experience.

Key Benefits

1. cleanses and perfumes delicately your skin.

2. The soap clears up your complexion and leaves your skin soft, smooth, healthy and luminous.


Use the soap daily, for faster result. 


Abebi White End of Discussion Kojic Quick Bleaching Action Serum is a Lightening and Very Strong whitening Serum With Kojic. The serum when used with the lotion helps those with damaged skin, those with fine lines and wrinkles.

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