Aichun Beauty Collagen+vitamin E Egg Face Whitening Serum - 99% Oil Free


Aichun Beauty Collagen + Vitamin E enriched face serum is 99% oil-free specially formulated to fight blemish on the face. It is an anti-oxidation serum which acts to inhibit the harmful effect of environmental pollutants on the skin and face. It also brightens the skin colour and it good for ALL TYPES OF SKIN.

This product is enriched with whitening and moisturizing ingredients such as ARBUTIN to effectively fade melanin and deeply moisturize your skin, leaving it shiny.

  • Face Serum Help to Anti Ageing, Moisturizing, Anti Wrinkle, Hydrate, Whitening, Fade Lines, Lifting, Firming, Tightening, Blemish, Smoothing, Fade Sun Spot, Brightening, Shrink Pores, Acne Repair Serum for all Skin 
  • A combination of natural as well as organic ingredients is carefully put together to nourish, protect as well as rejuvenate your skin                          
  • This fantastic mixture of vitamins and essential ingredients as well as serum has a tremendous effect of beauty on your skin. prevent the development of wrinkles, boosts collagen, reduce blemishes as well as heal the skin appropriately and fight against the ageing free radicals            
  • Smoother and Younger Looking Skin. Our amazing serum is made with the aim of giving back life to your skin. Our skin smoother is suitable for tired-looking and dull skins as all the ingredients are safe for your skin                                                                                                                         
  • Vitamin c serum, hyaluronic acid serum, retinol serum, eye serum, anti-ageing serum, niacinamide serum, anti-wrinkle serum.


After facial cleansing, apply proper amount to face and gently massage until absorption.

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