Lighten-Up Clarifying Gel


LightenUp PLUS Carifying Gel is a light textured rejuvenating brightening gel infused with Hydroquinone-Free lightening actives. AHA fruity exfoliating propertiesimprove skin clarity and revitalize skin texture back to its healthy, youthful appearance.


1. NON-HYDROQUINONE lightening properties of Alpha Arbutin safely and effectively fade dark brown spots, restoring a clear, even toned, luminous appearance.

2. Tamarind Fruity Extract gradually removes dull skin, allowing new healthier skin to resurface, boosting skin energy and radiance.

3. Soothing Aloe Vera calms skin as anti-oxidant Vitamin “C” improves skin elasticity and protects from UV damage.

4. LightenUp Plus Clarifying GelClarifying Gel penetrates and absorbs quickly.

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