Disaar Sunblock Spf++90

Protection Face Cream Disaar Sunblock 90++ Protective Cream Pigmentation Sunscreen Cream SPF Moisturizing Skin 80g Face Care Product Description: Product is a set of waterproof , anti-sweat , oil, isolation , sunscreen, concealer , , repair as one of protection products. The main characteristics are : sunscreen isolation , concealer , moisture (to prevent dehydration and drying of the skin surface ) , repair . Contains a sun protection factor , the software in the skin surface protective film, can prevent isolation , filtering, reflection, scattering sunlightUVA,UVBAnd atmospheric dust. From sun to prevent sunburn and premature aging of the skin produces . Natural extracts andVC, Give skin full of nutrients, and can moisturizing skin whitening,VEIngredients can enhance sun protection to prevent sunburn and prevent spots generation . Skin cream antioxidants , reduce environmental , UV and water damage caused by such factors . Meanwhile repair damaged skin . Effective protection of the surface skin moisturizing factor not dried muscle , thereby preventing the skin peeling. Special formula makes the product delicate, with comfortable after not clog pores . Support facial shine , while products are waterproof , anti- sweat role in the outdoor play in the water is not afraid to fall off. UVA,UVBEffect on the skin : sunburn , skin laxity , dull skin , wrinkles , loss of elasticity , dry aging , sun redness, tanning , sun peeling sunburn Apply skin : all skin types and can be applied slightly sensitive skin Usage: cleansing, toning , apply proper amount evenly on the face . It can be used for rendering purposes on makeup (even if also after oily skin , hold powder does not cause loss ) .

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