Erborian BB Creme Nude Total Sheer Make-Up-Care Face Cream 5-In-1 SPF20 0.5oz, 15ml

This 5-in-1 BB Creme enriched with SPF 20, transforms the appearance of your skin leaving it with a velvety and ultra-soft finish. It works to moisturises and plump the skin whilst blurring imperfections. Contains traditional herbs that have been used in skin care in Asia for centuries. It works to even out and leave the complexion matte. Moisturise and "plump" the skin. Refine skin's texture Reduce the appearance of blemishes and give a non-oily, velvety finish. Your skin is left visibly softer and beautiful with a silky feel. To use: Apply onto face and smooth over the skin, working outwards from the centre. Key ingredients: - Ginseng: Stimulating, invigorating and energising - Licorice: Reduces the production of melanin – responsible for pigmentation marks - Ginger: Invigorates, stimulates and revitalises the skin

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