Makari Exclusive Dry Golden Body Oil 50ml


This dual function face and body shimmering dry oil instantly promotes a sun kissed glow without leaving a greasy residue. Moisturizes with Almond Oil, softens with Sesame Oil and nourishes skin with potent anti-oxidant, Vitamin "E". Suited for all skin types. Exclusive Dry Golden Body Oil nourishes and softens skin, instantly revealing radiance. An exceptional product for hair or décolleté area (cleavage). An overall silky feel and a subtle shimmer over ARMS AND LEGS FOR A SEXY SILHOUETTE.


Shake before use. Apply a few drops to cleansed face, body or hair, am or pm. Gently massage, let dry.


Dry Golden Oil is great for every skin type and gives your entire body a beautiful shimmer and glow.


Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E.

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