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Hollywood Style Instant Glow Diamond Gluta Peel Off Mask With White Effect 100ml


Whitening Gluta Scrub made with glycolic & kojic acids and pure diamond dust! Reduce freckles, marks and melasma and have a clearer, glowing and luminous complexion.

  • 100 mL squeeze bottle
  • Combines pure diamond dust, concentrated fruity glycolic acid, baking soda and exotic herbs to effectively reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, melanin, freckles, acne marks and age spots.
  • Brightening Serum formula helps to deep your skin and remove impurities for a clearer and luminous complexion
  • A proprietary and nourishing blend of powerful whitening agents including glutamine, baking soda, glycolic acid and kojic acid combine with rich herb extracts including kiwi extract, blueberry extract, white orchid extract, cucumber extract, jasmine extract and aloe vera extract
  • Contains natural exfoliants to help remove dead skin cells including vegetable ivory palm seed powder and nourishing vitamins A & C
  • Eliminates oil buildup to leave skin feeling fresh and clean. Your skin will be clearer, cleaner, spotless, flawless and fresher while being revived by a luxurious combination of plant extracts
  • Strong natural pore therapy formula
  • Kosher, Vegan, Halal, cGMP and not tested on animals cruelty-free

Concentrated fruity acids and antioxidants- A luxurious and effective blend of active ingredients, fruit extracts and antioxidants to effectively help your skin to appear whiter


Vegetable Ivory Palm Seed Powder – An ecologically harvested, sustainable rainforest product that is a unique and natural exfoliant.
Kiwi Fruit Extract – A major source of antioxidants that help delay the effects of aging, also contains a large amount of vitamin C which helps your body naturally repair skin and produce collagen to firm your skin.
Blueberry Extract – Contains a high concentration of salicylates, which help remove dead skin, open clogged pores and help fight acne and breakouts.
White Orchid Flower Extract - One of skincare’s best-kept secrets, a great anti-oxidant that moisturizes soothes and conditions the skin to achieve a bright and radiant complexion.
Jasmine Extract - Evens the skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of age spots. A natural oil which keeps the skin hydrated without clogging pores.
Aloe Vera Extract - Contains the hormones Auxin and Gibberellins, which have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce skin inflammation and red marks, helping heal damage from acne.
Cucumber - Helps hydrate the skin while reducing the appearance of irritation and red spots.
Salicylic Acid, Glutamine, Baking Soda, Glycolic Acid and Kojic Acid - A amazing blend of exfoliants that help shed dead skin and penetrates into pore linings to exfoliate inside the pores as well as on the surface of the skin which is highly effective for reducing breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads with strong antioxidizing power for a lighter and brighter complexion.
Vitamin A and C -Provides an even skin done, adds to the skin’s hydration and provides firmer feeling skin.

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