Kiss Beauty

Kiss Beauty Black Mask Deep Cleansing Whitening Complex with Whitening and Rejuvenating System


Directions for Use

Step 1 - Cleanse and steam your face to open pores. For best results prep with Shills Deep Sebum Softener

Step 2 - Apply a medium-to-thick layer (2mm) on the desired area where blackhead-removal is required (such as the nose/t-zone). Make sure to avoid eyebrows, hairline, sensitive areas such as around the eyes and lips or anywhere with facial hair such as sideburns.

Step 3 - Leave for 30-40 mins making sure it is completely dry & carefully peel away.

Step 4 - Finish with a toner*IMPORTANT - Always ensure to patch test first before using.

PLEASE NOTE - The mask is NOT recommended for sensitive skin or those prone to skin irritations. The mask may cause some discomfort when peeling off; it may remove fine hairs

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