Makari Extreme Argan &Carrot ( Body Lotion,Soap ) 2-pc Set


This extreme carrot and argan oil gift set will clarify, unify and illuminate your complexion with this 2-pc body radiating collection.  Formulated with our most advanced botanical brighteners, this gift-set effectively treats hyperpigmentation reviving skin tone's unblemished brilliance and returns complexion to a beautiful, glowing appearance. 

Recommended for all skin types except sensitive.

Toning Cream used on face recommended for dry, normal and maturing skin types only.

2-pc Extreme Toning Set Includes:

  • Exfoliating Soap: Cleanse and exfoliate skin daily, morning and night
    • Toning Milk: Tone and moisturize body unifying complexion. Body only product. Do not apply to face or neck.

    Caution: The Extreme collection is not recommended for sensitive skin types or first time users of Makari products. The formulas are very powerful and may cause irritation, inflammation or outbreaks. If irritation, inflammation or outbreaks occur, discontinue use immediately. We recommend first time users to start with the Naturalle or Classic Bright Skin collections before progressing to the Extreme collection. 

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