Amos White

Make Me White 7 Days Strong Action Cream

Make Me White Strong Effect Whitener & speckle remover package with Ginseng (18g x2) Made by the uniquely developed new speckle-remove technology, this product improves the facial skin by quickly penetrating deep into the skin to promote circulation and stop stasis and gradually dispersing the melanin and poisonous substance out of the body. It also rapidly and completely remove speckles and whitens up the skin, leaving the skin clearly brighter. It features a superfine effect to acne, melanin, tawny skin, feck, chloasma, cyasma, wrinkles and sunburn, repairing your skin back to being brighter, clearer and smoother. Ingredients: Ginseng, Arbutin, Fruit acid, Saffron, Pearl powder, Aloe Vera and other herbal extracts. Direction: use the day cream during the day and night cream at night after washing and cleansing.

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