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Medix 5.5 Vitamin C + Turmeric Firming Brightening Cream

If your skin is dry, acne-prone, wrinkled, generally lacks luster then it is time to learn about pH balances and their effect on your skin. A pH level of 5.5 is perfect because this allows some acids onto your skin to naturally fight off bacteria that usually leads to breakouts. Medix 5.5 anti-aging vitamin c cream promotes smooth, firm, healthy looking skin by reducing the look of sun damage and supporting a strong skin barrier that holds in moisture and keeps pollutants out. Infused with Retinol and Ferulic Acid to improve the look of sagging while leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Vitamin C cream can be used as a day cream moisturizer. Use after facial cleanser and your favorite Medix 5.5 serum.

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