Ofanyia Snail Collagen Face Serum


Ofanyia Snail Collagen Face Serum Anti Acne Whitening Brightening Anti Aging Skin Care Facial Essence

Effectively replenish and lock water for water-deficient skin. Snail fluid essence can provide a large amount of water for the skin immediately. At the same time , it can prevent the loss of water and make the water-deficient skin replenish water and moist immediately

For damaged skin: care for sensitive skin and strengthen skin protection mechanism. The ability to retain moisture in the cuticle is reduced, damaged skin needs a lot of water to replenish, snail fluid can provide a lot of moisture to the skin, so that the skin gets sufficient moisture and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells

For mature skin: fight skin aging, smoothen fine lines, and restore your youthful and compact skin. Snail fluid contains allantoin, with adenosine, can improve the skin structure, improve the skin against dull, fine lines, spots and other aging problems.

This product can stimulate the regeneration and repair the damaged skin: Snail solution can solve the skin problem from the root. It has a strong desalination function for pimple, spots, wounds and scars, so that the skin color is uniform, clean and more tender

High concentration of snail solution can effectively solve skin problems, resist sensitive skin, excessive oil secretion, water-deficient dry skin, pore thick skin,and give skin new energy.

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