Q7 Paris

Q7 Pure Glycerine

  • Q7Paris 100% Pure Glycerine is multipurpose for both hair and skin. It deeply moisturizes, leaving skin and hair feeling soft and smooth. The Q7Paris 100% Pure Glycerine softens the skin for a silky and supple look and feel. It aids in the Repair of Dry & Damaged Skin & Hair

    This multipurpose 100% Pure glycerin is unique. It not only conditions and protects your skin, it also adds moisture that repairs dry and damaged hair.

    The formula is safe for daily use

    The Q7Paris 100% Pure Glycerine is more effective when used with other Q7Paris products; Cleanse the face or body with your choice of the Q7Paris Soaps, then apply your choice of the Q7Paris Serums as required and finish by moisturising the skin with your choice Lotions

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