Veet Gold

Veet Gold Herbal Extract Oil

Veet gold multivitamin oil is corrector is formulated from mixture of different plants to give the face and body a natural glowing skin, Efficacy: contain mango extract, gentle and refreshing texture, gently massage, soothes the skin, brings pleasure to the skin, replenishes, moisture and leave skin white and supple. Veetgold cinnamon oil corrector is made from cinnamon extract to remove acne, scars, from the face and body. efficacy: moisturizes and moisturizes skin, repairs after Sunburn, and improves skin, dryness, anti-acnes, anti-pores, whitening and moisturizing, effectively relieve stress. Veet gold herbal treatment, is made from natural ingredients to relief joint, waist, and muscle pains from the body. efficacy, joint pain relief, muscle pain, waist pain, usage: after cleansing, apply proper amount onto your palm of your hand and apply it to the face, neck, back, hands and feet for a soothing massage until the skin is absorbed.

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